DC DC Power module selection guide


  1. Determine the specifications of the power supply:

In accordance with the requirements of customers to confirmed use of standard typical modules or customization.


First step: Selection dimensions:

The power module should be reserved enough space to consider dissipate for heat Interference of signal acquisition and effect of other circuit components.So need take into size 、cost and reliability etc.


Second step: whether need isolation:

Isolation characteristics refer that the input and output of the module are independent(Not altogether) power. In the industrial bus system, Safety isolation in the face of harsh environment (lightning, arc interference);in mix circuit. could be achieved noise isolation of sensitive analog circuit and digital circuit . Also can be voltage conversion in multi voltage power supply system.


Third step :choose type of power module

Please confirmed input is AC or DC ,if it is AC ,choose AC to DC converter ;if it is DC , use DC to DC converter.


Fourth step: Determine output current or output power.

The load current is the key to determine output power, meanwhile and directly affects the reliability and price of the module. The Power module is best applied to 30%-80% of total load. Too big maybe lead to loss money, too small maybe lead to low reliability.


Please note: If supply power for optocoupler and relay or RS232/485、CAN bus voltage reference, may be occur small of load current or no load application. Recommended adding dummy load to improve reliability of power module. If there is a large load current instability or wide load changes range. The dummy load need choose 10%-100%,avoid light load or over load application.


At the high temperature. Power module should be reducing Rating to use. Could choose to reduce 30%-40% power reducing Rating and Priority to choose more big size.


The fifth step: According to the input voltage range to choose our products series.

  • 3V、5V、9V、12V、15V、24V input voltage range is 10%,if you need Non regulated output, please choose DY series; if you need high isolation, please choose GDY series, typical isolation is 1500V,high isolation is 3000V;if you need regulated output, please choose WDY series
  • 5V(5-9V) ,12V(9-18V) ,24V(18-36V) ,48V(36-75V)input voltage range is  2:1,please choose KW series.

24V(9-36V) ,48V(18-75V) 、110V(40-160V)input voltage range is 4:1, please choose KH series.

For example: 24V industrial bus power supply; 48V communication bus power supply; 110V railway power supply;220V transformer-rectif output and kinds of batteries, lithium batteries, dry batteries and long distance transmission and so on, please choose KH series. If face more than output 3W power module, in order to improve efficiency ,advise choose KW or KH series.


The sixth step: According to the type of load to select suitable the power module.

1) output voltage is determined by the type of load circuit, such as typical digital circuit, amplifying dc or low frequency signal working, RS232/485、CAN bus etc(not high requirements accuracy place), better choose non regulated output series module(DY series).But if need high accuracy and low ripple , better choose regulated output series or wide input series (WDY ,KW ,KH series).


2)Under meeting cost and efficiency conditions, could consider non regulated series power module and linear voltage regulator used in combination.

When the load has positive and negative voltage or multi voltage supply demand. Can be considered positive negative output or dual and multi output, as far as possible to reduce the number of output.  Bigger output power and higher accuracy as the main output, determine the voltage accuracy requirements of the subordinate output, so that the module design more reliable to meet the requirements


3)Typical output voltage including:3.3V,5V,9V,12V,15V,24V,±5V,±12V,±15V etc


4)if you need high accuracy of the output and low the ripple(typical 100mV),maybe lead to cost large increase .


As far as possible to choose typical power module, this way could meet purpose for the low cost, mature technology, reduce the R&D of resistance and save time etc .


If you need EMC、UL 、CE certificate, please contact our sales.



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Regarding the article History of the Internet

Internet is very important for the development of an individual or group, and even countries. Because the power of the internet is great, even the Internet can be used to find the source of income for some people. Therefore the internet for some people become a major requirement.

Many people who use the internet, but not many know, how the history of the internet that occur during development. Maybe this time, most people complain about slow internet, but may be in the old days, the internet is super fast now. Therefore, let us learn a little history of the Internet, in order to know how the internet developers struggle to become an internet connection that it is today.

The history of the Internet began in 1969 conducted by DARPA, a US defense agency that makes a project called ARPANET. ARPANET is a project that allows to create an interconnected system. ARPANET project designing a network, reliability, how much information can be transferred, and finally all the standards that they set into the embryo development of new protocols now known as TCP / IP and until now still being developed.

The first ARPANET connections are formed and interconnected are several universities. University of them is the Stanford Research Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara, University of Utah are connected in 1969. So there are a total of four (4) node jaringan.ARPANET generally introduced in 1972.

ARPANET based on ALOHAnet technology is developing very fast. In 1981, in this project there are 213 network is connected, and it membingunkan ARPANET to set it up. So ARPANET split into two, namely MILNET for military purposes, and ARPANET for non-military purposes such as universities. Both networks are known as the DARPA Internet and shortened to the Internet.

After the formation of the Internet, these developments continue to occur until now. Other supporting projects already widely applied in today’s world. For example only project DNS, IP addressing, Email, TCP / IP, WWW, and much more. The development of the Internet is still growing and led to many innovations or devices or systems. As the still warm now is Cluod Computing which may be a trend in the future.


Natural and Man induced techniques of plant breeding helps in progress of crops

Maintaining wholesome and well grown vegetation are a big problem in immediately’s world. The fast growing quantities of pollution, commercialisation is all making it not possible for a lot of tree varieties to survive. The common crops that used to develop and flourish are discovering it tough to survive. The quality of crops is dying and the amount as well. But the solution must be achieved because the food is one of the basic necessities of all residing creatures; humans and animals alike.While the reside stock is depleting the constant increase within the inhabitants has increased the demand of meals supplies. This leads to the rise of the costs of the products. To fight all this, the horticulturists have provide you with numerous solutions and techniques.

They use methods of plant breeding to develop new types of crops that can survive the altered weather conditions and soil conditions. One would possibly think how would this help? However the breeding process contains combining of two species of vegetation with different and desired characteristics. When they are crossed collectively, the consequence product would have few traits from each the specimens. If the desired the standards gets matched then the experiment is successful and a plant variety is developed. If this isn’t success others are crossed to start the identical procedure.

This method can be used to get various benefits from a plant. Some shrub might not have a desired lifespan; the sort of crossing with a breed that has an extended life can improve the life span of the unique variety as well. Gardens might search for backyard recommendation for flowers with unique scent and colours; this may be achieved by the crossing methods. Combining two species that yield two kinds of flowers can result in growth of a new species. Similarly some plant breeder would attempt to get fruits which can be sweeter in taste. Do you know that the seedless sorts of grapes and different fruits are a result of such advanced know-how!
There have been plants which are developed to survive with less quantity of water, as they’ve been crossed with such varieties. It proves to be a boon for those who face water scarcity.

Some easy experiments can result in the development of yield that’s richer in high quality, has higher survival quality and has improvement taste and smell. The work of a breeder doesn’t end here; they use this methodology to even shield the crops from bugs and other creepers. In short it may be said that this can be a technology to improve the survival of the shrubs and its protection.

Should you thought that this process can only be induced, then that’s not the case. It happens naturally as effectively in the course of the pollination of the seeds. All of us have read in our faculty instances that the wind carries the seeds and vegetation them into different flowers and this additionally brings into existence a newer variety of plant.

Be it pure or man induced, in many locations and conditions this technique has helped the growers, gardeners and farmers to a big extent to unravel their problems with dying crops.


Best and Secure Merchant Cash Advance Funding Platform from Elite Capital

Running your own business as a merchant basically is a good move to have your own great income to make a good living of your own. That’s why there are millions people worldwide who successfully being a professional merchant to reach their dream comes true to have a good income and a good living as well. Besides, of course being a merchant is the best professional move you could do to be the boss of your own when earning money for your living. No wonder then if there are millions of them who prefer being a merchant rather than being an employee who works in any company.

Anyway, if because of that matter then basically you have a strong desire to become a professional merchant but until now you always pending to make your dream come true just because you do not have the cash advance to start being a merchant for running your own business, then, in today’s modern era, such matter like that is not the obstacle to let you delay the plan to start running a business of your own through becoming a professional merchant anyway because there are millions of funding programs you could apply for getting the cash advance to let you start realize what you truly planned.

Related to the matter, actually as a great way for you to know is the Merchant Cash Advance Funding Platform provided by Elite Capital. It is a truly high technology funding platform that offers great services for people widely to have their own cash advance to start running their own business through being a merchant simply without bothering their own selves at all. You do not have to worry because the cash advance funding platform from Elite Capital is secure to let you get the right amount of cash needed to start being a merchant as you want to.

Well, how to get the service of this secure and awesome cash advance funding platform from Elite Capital is truly easy because you only need to get involved through this business for six months without start up at all, then, you are able to get what you really need for getting the cash advance to start being a merchant through running your own business. So, who says that being a professional merchant who runs his own business is difficult or hard to do then? Of course you are no longer have a thought like that anymore after reading a cool information about cash advance funding platform offered by professional leading company like Elite Capital, right?


The Greatest of Internet Marketing for Hotels and Motels from Hopbots

Running business of your own basically could be one of the greatest joys in life because when you running the business of your own, then, it means that you are being the boss for your own. Well, related to the matter about running a business, there are more and more people all over the word who quit from being an employee and turn to run their own business. Since then, of course the more and more business opportunities are available in the widely selections in any specific majors and fields that could be chosen by people’s abilities specifically. Among the widely great business opportunities that are available in today’s modern era, the business that engaged in hospitality still be the favorite one that chosen to run by people widely worldwide.

Well, no wonder that running such hotel management business still be the favorite one that chosen to run and operate by millions great businessmen worldwide. Anyway, talking about running any business, basically no wonder what kinds of the business you operate and run, each business needs the right marketing and promoting strategies to increase the business sales and demands in the middle of the tight business competitions in today’s recent market.

If related to the matter then you are looking for great and smart marketing strategies to do to let the people widely find the hotel that you manage and run, then, the best and smartest effective solution you should know is the internet marketing strategies. Since the technology is getting more and more advanced and also sophisticated in today’s globalization era, people basically prefer to do any activities through online because it is more simply and practical to do without going anywhere. That’s why Internet Marketing for Hotels and Motels basically is the sophisticated and advanced marketing strategy you should try since now on to let people widely in the widely ranges of distances able to find your hotels even motels simply.

Well, the more people know about your hotel, the bigger chances you could get for getting more and more customers who want to stay in your hotel, right? Through professional and brilliant internet marketing services from Hopbots, you are able to do your best hotel and motel marketing strategies to let the more people know about your great hotel including its great services for making more and more of them interested to feel the enjoyable ways while staying at the hotel you manage.



The Real Paradise for Finding Online Coupons to Get Bombastic Discount including Travel Coupons

Buying any great products or items in affordable price is what each person dreamed of. Nowadays, actually people are able to shopping any items and products through online easily. There are so many companies that provide the available great products for sale through online. So, you are able to buy anything that you need and want simply without going anywhere. All you need to do is only sitting in front of your PC, order any items or products even services that you want and need through online, then what you ordered will be delivered to you immediately. It is such a great joy in life for enjoying the greatness of modernity, isn’t it?

Principally, in today’s advanced era, you are able to get and find what you really need in the recent online markets including ordering or booking any tour and travel packages that you really want. There are the countless tour and travel companies who also provide their great services to let people widely able to book or order any tour and travel packages also the cool services related to the industry, simply. It is true that there are the countless companies that provides both their products and services you could ordered through online practically, but, are they also provides such coupon codes to let the customers like you all get such incredible discounts? Of course they are. But, where you could find the widely selections of update and available coupon codes to let you get any special discounts in buying any products or getting any services through online market then?

If you are wondering about such great place where you could find the update and available coupon codes for any items, products, and services that you really need and want, then the trusted site you should know is It is the trusted and secured site you really should know because all the kinds of coupon codes are available there including online travel coupons to let you get such special up to bombastic discounts for travelling anywhere that you need and want without spending too much money at all.

Anytime the companies release the coupon codes to the site, then they will be published up to date so that good customers like you all are able to grab the coupon codes specifically according to what they really need in getting special discounts for buying also order any products and services from certain companies that you want. It is a real paradise for all online coupon codes hunters including tour and travel online coupon codes for travelling affordably.


Authentic Sahara Tours

Browse our Suggested Travel Itineraries for ideas of independent Morocco holidays including the best Marrakech day trips and overnight camel treks to ‘sleep under the stars’ in the Sahara. Our organised Morocco tours, treks and excursions run from Marrakech, or elsewhere on request and include the Imperial Cities, desert tours, Atlas treks, New Year Tours, Sahara excursions, Berber villages and kasbahs, Marrakech short breaks, honeymoons in Morocco, camel treks in Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga sand dune.
During your Journey with Authentic sahara Tours you will have the opportunity to discover the Hidden Berber villages which are nestled in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains or in the Heart of Sahara. They are relatively unknown to visitors and seldom visited because the majority of tour operators do not give their clients the chance to explore it.


How to get to Crimea from Russia

The economical condition plays most important part in the development of any country.  Income through industries, agriculture, horticulture, chemical production, fuel industries, and livestock production are some of the field that produces sufficient revenue to the country.  Apart from these things tourism is another important field of revenue to the country.  The strategic importance of Crimea to Russia is due to its huge natural gas deposits.  There are so many other fields that earn a substantial for the country.  Russia occupies Crimea due to its important and strategic strength it has got.  Both are interdependent and alone, they are weak, when combined they make strong power.  It is quite evident from the past history.

The strategic placement of the Crimea and its geographical location with major sea ports enhance the strength of Russia as it can have the strong hold on the sea routes.  The dissolution of the Soviet Union made most of the independent countries to struggle to find their foot marks in the globe.  The Russian government when signed for pact to have its naval base on the ports of Ukraine, it was declared that it will not continue the agreement, but there are other complex issues related gas pipeline and price hike and other issues, that has made Ukraine to renew the lease extending it up to the year 2042.

On a global level winning over Crimea is very important for Russia.  Sevastopol is a major strength for Russia.  Russians took control over most of the road transport, air transport and train transport services.  Therefore, the important question posed by the travelers who want to visit Crimea is “How to get to Crimea from Russia”?  The answer may require several more days since the atmosphere should get cleared and things should be pliable to visit the Crimea.  As of now the condition is quite serious and it is not advisable to move between the two places.  Crimea is a land where Russian is a spoken language and the loyalties are divided among the citizens of Crimea.  However, Ukraine government accused Russians for the military invasion and occupation of Crimea.

Therefore, travelers need to be careful since the condition and the atmosphere in the country is not at all safe to travel to Crimea.  However, they can travel through Russia to reach Crimea.  You can reach to Crimea by airways.  Anybody who wishes to reach the Crimea should touch the Sevastopol and then they should reach other parts of Crimea.  Since there is lots of disruption in the travelling all travelers are warned that the condition is very sensitive and anything can happen on their travel time if they wish to visit the Crimea.  One can depend on the Bus Routes from Russia to reach Crimea.  The railways are handled by the Russian government and there is no guarantee of the train services.  One has to arrange their own services, and food to reach the place, whatever they route might be, it is not exempted from the dangers of prevailing conditions.



Seven Tips on How to Look after Your Car’s Air Conditioning

Our summer in the United Kingdom is much hit and miss, but we can still enjoy very hot and sunny days, occasionally. If you have planned a day trip on one of these nice days with the family, you don’t want to be stuck in a hot sticky car together for a few hours. These days most of the modern cars are fitted with some sort of air conditioning. We may not use it much in this country, but it can still be used. If this is so, you need to regularly check that it is functioning correctly. It is advised that you have your car’s system looked at by a trained technician if you know nothing about what is under your car’s bonnet.

Remember when looking under the bonnet of the car, especially when the engine is still running, keep hair, clothing and hands away from moving parts. Make sure you use protective eye wear, too.

Here are a few things to look for when checking your car’s air conditioning system:

Check to see if the air conditioning’s mounting bolts are tight, secure and in the right place.

Are the caps fitted on the service ports? If not they will leave your system open to dirt, and the refrigerant will not be sealed.

Keeping the engine running, check to see if the compressor clutch will engage, when the air conditioning is on. If this does not happen, it could mean that the system is out of refrigerant, or worse an electrical fault. Listen for clicking noises, as this is a sign that something is wrong. (Some systems don’t allow the compressor clutch to engage when temperatures are lower than about 40ºF)

Still keep the engine running, but switch the air conditioning off. Listen for rumbling or knocking sounds near the compressor. If you hear these noises it could mean that the compressor clutch is not working properly, or the mounting equipment is loose.

Next check the belts for any wear, cracks or glazing. If there is any sign of these, have they replaced as soon as possible. Then you can check the belts with the air conditioning on. If there is any vibrating it could mean that the belt is loose or the automatic belt tensioner is defective.

Examine carefully the hoses within the air conditioning system for any abrasions, cuts, leakage or weak spots. If there is a leak somewhere you will notice this by dirt and oil collecting at fittings and connections.

Clean the condenser, which is situated at the front of the radiator, regularly. This can sometimes collect insects and leaves that will reduce the flow of air. At the same time the system’s performance will be reduced. It is easy to clean the condenser just by spraying it with a garden hose.


Causes of the car engine off when AC Flash

Knowing what causes the engine off when the car diyalakan ac or ac engine off when the car is turned on or cause the rpm drop when the ac is turned on.

Ac cars, including ac compressor rotation that rotates together with the machine is the machine load, for example when I discovered the engine load (Load Engine) with the scanner efi, when the machine is idle the engine load around 18 percent, but when ac turned on the engine load rises to around 26-28 percent. Not to mention the electrical load to the electrical ac including blowers, compressors and extra fan clutch that require electricity, it also includes a load alternator that rotates together with the engine.

Differences electric current issued Alternator can be easily read using ammeters use of electric current when the flame ac and ac dead car can double the use of electric current when the engine life without flame ac, examples when the ac electrical current dead car alternator read about 10- 14 amperes, but when ignited ac electrical current load increases becoming about 24 to 28 amperes, these examples are taken at 1NZ-FE engine.

Ac flame car is the engine load as described above, therefore if the machine is not equipped with the system idle up to be a trend towards a fall or rpm engine rpm down when life ac machine even die. Therefore it is necessary idle up to ac car, to raise the engine rpm when the ac car ignited.

So one of the reasons why the car’s engine off when ac flame is:

1. Since idle up ac car does not work or does not work, and

2. The cause of death when the car ignition is ac ac compressor standstill.

What is normal for the car rpm at idle? Normal for the engine rpm at idle is in the range between 600 rpm to 850 rpm, some vehicles have some sort of protection system if the idle rpm is less than 650 rpm, then the car will not be able to ac flame.

To Set the Idle up Ac Drives

1. In Car Carburetor
To set up the ac car idle on machines that use carburetors typically use a solenoid valve, the solenoid valve is working to connect the vacuum hose from the intake manifold with a mechanical vacuum to push slightly ajar so that the gas valve when the ac flame to raise the engine rpm.

2. In Car Injection
Setting up the car idle injection, performed by ISC (Idle Speed ​​Control) for automobiles efi still receipts ISC as an example of the Honda Jazz, 2005, Avanza xenia, timor DOHC EFI, Vios Limo 2005.
As shown in the picture below is of type ISC Vios Limo Rotary 2005 rotary dirty so can not rotate or jammed that the effect is the rpm drop when the ac live and loud vibrating machinery.
And second idle setting up ac car by Motor Control Throttle Valve if the engine as well as make use of ETCS Petrol Innova, Honda Jass RS 2009, New Vios, New Limo, Yaris and many more.

How to cope with the car engine off when ac flame of course, I still recommend you bring to the workshop there was the belief of this article is for reference material so that at least we know what happened and cause problems ac or your car’s engine, thanks.

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